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Enjoy life because it can be very short. Or at least it feels it’s very short but if you just stp now for a moment and give yourself 60 seconds of just breathing, it get’s a lot more intens.

Absolutely one of my favorite short films. The short film from Jamin Winans about a mysterious DJ who is sent to a busy city block to mend a series of tragic events that occur in our everyday lives. I call him the time-DJ. Would be quite interesting to have a DJ-set like this guy. 8:16

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Quite an old movie from the slow down week in 2007 that I discovered again. It’s still very true (it looks like it even got worse). Slow down week

As its name is already telling, the One Minute Fly has got a very limited lifespan. One minute in which it wants to experience everything that makes life worth living…

Slow funky cowboys and indians in a very funny commercial for a broadband company. Sometimes we need to slow down but probably this is too slow.