I’ve been inspired by the article of Tim Kreider in the NY Times. He gives his opinion on the fact that almost everybody in the Western world is always busy, busy, busy. He describes it as the ‘Busy’ trap. A lot of people (I’m one of them) are always busy – most of the time with work but also with different kind of activities… otherwise with going to network events, breakfast meetings, checking email and social media. We choose most of the time to voluntarily do those kind of activities and motivate our children to do the same: sport, go to music or theatre lessons, play with children, go to movies, etc … but there’s nothing wrong with these kind of activities but doing all of them is maybe a bit too much. One of the results is that our society has never had so many complaints about stress, burn-out, time-pressure and we just continue.
The author describes himself as one of the laziest ambitious people he knows and is proud to be that kind of person. I really like the fact that he’s ‘promoting’ idleness as an indispensable source for the brain. When we don’t do anything, we get inspired by random associations, our fantasy wakes up and we get the most brilliant ideas. So stop doing and be ‘lazy’ for a moment.
You can find the full article here.

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