I recently discovered the ‘Mindfulness Bell’ again. I have to say that meditation isn’t my cup of tea because I’m quite restless and sitting down ‘doing nothing’ for 10 minutes is already a big challenge for me. But this bell (you can choose a small or big bell) makes me conscious of my own patterns and behaviour. Sometimes, I just want to check a website for some very concrete information and suddenly it’s two hours later and I’m still surfing on the world wide web without a clear purpose. This bell rings every (half) hour – you can choose the timeframe- and at those moments I stop and interrupt the activity that I was doing. I breathe 3 times and then decide if the activity that I was doing is still the right one for me at that moment. In 30% of the cases, I stop the activity that I was doing and focus again on another task. Give it a try and maybe it also helps for you? …. Dooooiiing ….

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