Cyriel is one of the founders of 21 Lobsterstreet.
Cyriel makes people more conscious of the opportunities in life. He is an international speaker on creativity and innovation and he is also a Master of Interaction. He facilitates workshops and presentations in creative skills and attitude and the breaking of fixed thinking patterns. Cyriel is on an eternal expedition to discover new ways to integrate experience time in our clocktime-society. This book is one of the manifestations of this quest. He has created this book to stimulate the consciousness of experience time and the power of creativity. Another way to spread the message is via ‘the Knights of NOW’ – a gathering of noble characters who want to make the world more conscious of time by intervening at large gatherings, like conferences and events.

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Kathleen Steegmans is the co-founder of MIST.
MIST Creative Agency helps you shine a light on your business. From concept to creation we offer you inspiration and expertise across graphic design, photography, illustration and animation.

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