I’m not the biggest fan of models but of course, I need an exception to prove this ‘rule’. Time-volution is a bubble that is located entirely in the present moment. All activities within the bubble form part of someone’s field of attention. One important assumption in this model is that we do not move through time: instead, time comes to us.

We are always in the NOW moment.

If you want to explore Time-volution yourself, draw a bubble on a big paper. The idea is for you to jot down a number of activities in each
domain (at least three per domain). Most people are familiar with the right-hand part of the bubble (dreaming, creating, doing), but they have more difficulty with choosing and letting go: our Western society doesn’t pay enough attention to these two activities, and so people are increasingly unable to keep up with the pace of our society. They are mainly concerned with realising their dreams, but they “forget” that choosing and letting go are just as important for a healthy balance in life.

If you want more information about Time-volution, click here to download the pdf.