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I recently discovered the ‘Mindfulness Bell’ again. I have to say that meditation isn’t my cup of tea because I’m quite restless and sitting down ‘doing nothing’ for 10 minutes is already a big challenge for me. But this bell (you can choose a small or big bell) makes me conscious of my own patterns and behaviour. Sometimes, I just want to check a website for some very concrete information and suddenly it’s two hours later and I’m still surfing on the world wide web without a clear purpose. This bell rings every (half) hour – you can choose the timeframe- and at those moments I stop and interrupt the activity that I was doing. I breathe 3 times and then decide if the activity that I was doing is still the right one for me at that moment. In 30% of the cases, I stop the activity that I was doing and focus again on another task. Give it a try and maybe it also helps for you? …. Dooooiiing ….

A good friend of mine, Jan Wolter, has started 5 years ago a website lsltn (it would be ‘lttngg’ if you would translate it in English – it’s about letting go the vowels of the words ‘letting go’).

He wants to make people conscious that letting go is also an option. In our society there’s a lot of pressure to be perfect and continuously work on your personal and professional ambitions – always better, nicer, more efficient, more … and lstn is a counter movement to this pressure of the society. Lsltn gives you some inspiration for small moments of reflection and a positive mindset.

In the previous years, lsltn has grown organically (it wouldn’t be right of course to have big ambitions with his own concept ;-)) but he has already written two books on this topic; the website looks very nice; and he came up with all kind of products to support the lsltn-vision.
One of his products is the ‘say hi book’. It’s a kind of notebook where he invites you to say hi to all kind of things. Say hi to stuff that irritates you, disappoints you or to things that don’t go as planned. If you say hi, you dare to see those negative things instead of suppressing those emotions. Saying hi is also saying goodbye and sometimes just accepting the things as they are, without the urge of always changing things to make them better.

Also say hi to the beautiful things in life, say hi to new things in your life, say hi to a dream. Reflect for a moment about an element of your day that was quite special and enlarge your positive feelings. You know that you can’t keep the moment but enjoy it and let it go.

Hi sun,
Hi stress,
Hi lady,
Hi friends,
Hi traffic jam
Hi mess,
Hi talent,
Hi new shoes
Hi famous person,
Hi anger,
Hi spreadsheet,
Hi ambition,
Hi TV,
Hi complaint,
Hi neighbour,
Hi plan,
Hi mixed feelings,
Hi forest,
Hi love,

Maybe by using these glasses ;-)

I’ve been inspired by the article of Tim Kreider in the NY Times. He gives his opinion on the fact that almost everybody in the Western world is always busy, busy, busy. He describes it as the ‘Busy’ trap. A lot of people (I’m one of them) are always busy – most of the time with work but also with different kind of activities… otherwise with going to network events, breakfast meetings, checking email and social media. We choose most of the time to voluntarily do those kind of activities and motivate our children to do the same: sport, go to music or theatre lessons, play with children, go to movies, etc … but there’s nothing wrong with these kind of activities but doing all of them is maybe a bit too much. One of the results is that our society has never had so many complaints about stress, burn-out, time-pressure and we just continue.
The author describes himself as one of the laziest ambitious people he knows and is proud to be that kind of person. I really like the fact that he’s ‘promoting’ idleness as an indispensable source for the brain. When we don’t do anything, we get inspired by random associations, our fantasy wakes up and we get the most brilliant ideas. So stop doing and be ‘lazy’ for a moment.
You can find the full article here.

One of the purposes of my book and blog Timespiration, is to make people more conscious of different types of time. In our Western world, we associate time -most of the time ;-) – with the clock. Certainly in these moments of change, organisations and people have to work more and more efficiently and do more work in less time. There is also an enormous number of time-management courses and the books/workshops of David Allen around ‘Getting Things Done’ are a huge success. There’s nothing wrong with that evolution but I have a personal feeling that we’re reaching the limits of influencing our time management capacities.

One of the other types of time is psychological time or experience-time – how we experience the pace of time. You know that your brain influences your feelings about the pace of time. If you’re stuck in a traffic jam…… You think that you have been waiting for more than 1 hour but in reality it was only 40 minutes. (TBC) In those moments you don’t have a lot of impulses so you are more aware of the things around you.*

And also the opposite can happen; it looks like time is going faster and faster. For example, when you’re meeting with some good friends, it may happen that you think that 1 hour has passed but in reality you have been chatting for more than 2 hours. It looks like (clock)time has been speeding up.

This is called the psychological or experience-time and the interesting thing is that you can influence your experience of time.

you can’t compare this condition with ‘being in the flow’. In certain extreme circumstances, time slows down to a level that you’re totally aware of everything that happens around you and you have a feeling that time is being stretched – 1 second can feel like one minute. People who have been in extreme conditions (car accidents, high level sports etc.) have been aware of this flow-condition.

This is a nice overview of some creative clocks. I really like the whiteboard clock.

And here’s the link to the other unique clocks.

Enjoy life because it can be very short. Or at least it feels it’s very short but if you just stp now for a moment and give yourself 60 seconds of just breathing, it get’s a lot more intens.

Absolutely one of my favorite short films. The short film from Jamin Winans about a mysterious DJ who is sent to a busy city block to mend a series of tragic events that occur in our everyday lives. I call him the time-DJ. Would be quite interesting to have a DJ-set like this guy. 8:16 seconds but absolutely worth this amount of time.

Quite an old movie from the slow down week in 2007 that I discovered again. It’s still very true (it looks like it even got worse).

Slow down week

As its name is already telling, the One Minute Fly has got a very limited lifespan. One minute in which it wants to experience everything that makes life worth living…