Next to the book, you can also hire Cyriel Kortleven to give an interactive presentation or workshop on the topic Timespiration. We can adjust the program to the number of participants and needs of the audience. A possible approach of the presentation/workshop could look like this:

‘I have no time’, ‘Time flies’, ‘Just in time’, ‘I haven’t seen you for a while’, Time is money’, This product or service will save you a lot of time’, …

These sentences are some of the expressions with time. Time is an aspect of life that will join us from the moment when we are born until our earth time has come to an end. It looks like the whole society is built upon the task to get control over time. Most people only know the clock as a form of time but there are a lot more shapes of time. You will get an overview of these different shapes and experience some of them. We will also break some thinking patterns and offer you a new model – Time-volution – to get a different perspective on time. During the presentation, you get inspired by several interesting, amazing, weird things to know about this intriging topic.

Possible Topics

  • The Curse of Knowledge about clocktime
  • Different shapes of time
  • Time-boxes – breaking fixed-thinking patterns about time
  • Time is linear
  • The bigger now
  • Time-travel in your brain
  • 5 laws of experience time
  • Time-volution – a new model to look at time
  • Amazing, fun and weird things to know about time

Get more information about these possibilities for a presentation or workshop.

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